About Us

Digital Regenesys is a cutting-edge digital learning platform introduced by the Regenesys Business School, a global business school with state-of-the-art campuses in Johannesburg, Mumbai, and Lagos.

Digital Regenesys offers upskilling digital courses in futuristic domains relevant to multiple industries. We have transformed lives and elevated the careers of more than 1100 students, helping them to upskill and get placed in top MNCs in all over the globe.

To embrace digital advancements, spread the power of technology and share knowledge across the world.

Dr Marko Saravanja

Executive Chairperson

Regenesys Business School

Shifting The Focus to The New Digital World

I am delighted to welcome you to Digital Regenesys at Regenesys Business School. The ongoing digital revolution demands a new breed of professionals to succeed in the new digital world where new technologies have sparked rapid innovation.

To give you a competitive advantage, we have developed cutting-edge digital technology Courses in the areas of information technology and management. Our Courses are facilitated by leading experts, entrepreneurs, and academics from top local and international institutions. Get inspired and energised to transform your career with Courses grounded in the realities of the new digtital world.

I wish you success on your journey towards greatness.