Terms and Condition

A. Academic Regulations

All academic and accredited Courses are subject to academic rules, regulations and applicable domestic legislation as published and revised from time-to-time. Regenesys is obligated to make personal academic information available to regulatory and administrative bodies for academic and statistical purposes.

B. Definitions
  • 'Regenesy' refers to Regenesys Business School, Regenesys School of Public Management or Regenesys Management.
  • 'Academic programme' shall mean CHE accredited courses conducted by Regenesys.
  • 'Management development course' shall mean management Courses conducted over a period of 1-5 days by Regenesys on its premises or at a client's premise.
  • 'Short course' shall mean management development courses conducted by Regenesys. These courses may vary in length and are counted in days.
  • 'In-house' shall mean a standard or customised Regenesys course, either short or academic, that is conducted as a package for a corporate or organisational client..
  • 'Acceptance' shall mean that the individual has provided supporting documentation, where necessary, and has paid the application fee for the course in advance or provided documentation such as a purchase order proving commitment to pay.
  • 'Roll-over/Returning Students' shall mean a student moving from one year of tuition to the following year of tuition for the same qualification.
C.Course Applications

All applications submitted by an individual, whether for a short or academic course, require a fully completed and signed application form and acknowledgement of the terms and conditions.

All supporting documentation as laid out in the application form must be provided. An application does not constitute the full registration for a course.

An application will be registered once the full payment and supporting documentation (where necessary) have been received or the payment terms agreement has been signed and all entrance requirements have been met.

D.Application Fee *

A non-refundable fee of R1,100 is required in order for an application to be processed. Regenesys reserves the right to amend this fee from time-to-time.


Please note that MBA, International and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) students are required to take our RMAT test for an additional fee of R250.

RPL students are also required to pay an additional R750 for the RPL process. Terms and conditions apply.

F.Administration Fee *

For every qualification enrolled, the student will be required to register for each calendar year and select relevant modules to be taken during that year. This facilitates better planning for tuition demands and services required. An annual administration fee of R500 will be charged.

G.Payment Of Study Fees *

Regenesys Management offers the following payment options to students for academic Courses:

  • 'Regenesy' refers to Regenesys Business School, Regenesys School of Public Management or Regenesys Management.
  • 'Academic programme' shall mean CHE accredited courses conducted by Regenesys.

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