Refund Policy


This refund policy outlines the terms and conditions for refunds for students enrolled in programs at Digital Regenesys. The policy aims to provide clarity and transparency regarding refund procedures in the event of a student electing to withdraw from, or cancel their participation in a program offered by Digital Regenesys.

Digital Regenesys is a global company, with offices in many geographies. As a result, refund amounts, admissions fees may differ.

Admin Fee

Upon enrolment in any program at Digital Regenesys, students are required to pay a non-refundable administration fee of £50, R500, N25,000,KSH2,500,UGX65,000,TZN50,000 depending on the student’s domicile. This fee is included in the price of the program. This fee covers administrative costs and is applicable regardless of whether the student completes the program.

Refund Structure
  • Cancellation Before Program Start Date ( Class Start date ): If a student cancels before the program's start date, they will receive a refund of 100% of the program fee less the non-refundable administration fee for respective countries.
  • Cancellation upon Start Date or within the First Week of the program will result in a refund of balance paid amount after deducting £50 or R1,000,N50,000, KSH5,000, UGX130,000, TZN100,000 of the remaining program fee, after deducting the administration fee for the respective countries.
  • Week 2: Withdrawals between the end of the first week and the end of the second week will result in a refund of balance paid amount after deducting £50 or R1500 , N75,000, KSG7,500, UGX195,000, TZN150,000 for respective countries.
  • Week 3: Withdrawals between the end of the second week and the end of the third week will result in a refund of the balance paid amount after deducting an amount of R2,000, N100,000, KSH10,000, UGX260,000, TZN200,000 in respective countries. Regrettably there are no refunds for UK-based student enrollments at this stage.

No Refunds After Week 3: After the third week of the program, no refunds will be issued by Digital Regenesys.

Policy Revision: This refund policy is subject to periodic review and may be revised based on regulatory requirements and internal considerations.

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